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  Everything was perfect after that. Well okay for about a week after that everything was perfect. You went on dates almost every night, made-out on the couch, cuddled, the whole nine yards. But then a week later you started to notice the strange vans. They were parked across the street from your apartment, in the alley by the bakery, even parked nearby when you went on dates.

  Ivan insisted that you were seeing things, being too paranoid. He said he didn't notice anything. Granted it wasn't the exact same van, the color would change. But there was just this feeling about them. A foreboding that wafted from the vehicles. You stated to think you were being watched.

  Ivan held you tighter, promised to protect you, wanted you to feel safe. But the fear would not leave. So instead you decided to ignore it. Even though it nagged at you every minute. Even today while you're out trying to buy some food for tonight dinner with Ivan. Still you feel watched. You sigh and shake your head, telling yourself you're just being paranoid. You quickly buy your food and hustle out of the grocery store desperate to get back home where it's safe.

  You keep your head down and clutch your bags to your chest. You hadn't drove today since the grocery store is only a few blocks from your apartment, but with the nagging feeling getting worse you wish you had. The footsteps of those behind you seem as though they're chasing you. Picking up the pace your heat beat quickens.

  When the footsteps don't follow you let out a breath and chastise yourself for being so scared of nothing. But just as your heart beat is getting back to normal your vision goes dark. You yelp and drop your bags as your feet are suddenly not on the ground. Is this a bag over your head? The hard floor of a car meets your side and you feel the vehicle zoom off.

  Your breathing speeds up as the car accelerates and voices in another language bounce around you. The burlap over your head is being pulled away. Swallowing you try to mentally prepare yourself. But when you see your captor your breathing stops.
  "Hola Chica, long time no see huh?"
  It's Antonio, it's freaking Antonio! Your eyes narrow and you lunge at him. Two men behind hold you back and you yell, "When the hell!?"
  "Wow you're feistier then the last time i saw you," he emphasis his point by examining your body. "Not just feistier, more fit too."
  "Yeah well i got stronger after what you did to me, i didn't want it to happen again."
  "Well that's not why i kidnapped you, though i wouldn't mind doing that again. Unfortunately i'm not allowed this time."
  "Then why did you kidnap me?"
  "All in good time my dear. All i'll say for now is that i'm just trying to move up the latter."
  "My job, i want a promotion."
  "Oh? and what is your job these days?"
  "Same as before."
  "Cafe owner?"
  "No that was always a cover, i work for the Mafia."
  At that you pause. The Mafia? Really? Well he was sure evil enough for it.

  The rest of the ride is spent in an angry silence as you glare at Antonio who keep that stupid smile on his face. When the car finally jerks to a stop Antonio stands and hold the potato sack before him.
  "Sorry but we have to put this back on."
  You growl but don't fight, there's not reason to with the goons behind you.
  Once again blind you're escorted out of the van and to some unknown location. The only things you can tell are that you've gone inside a building and the floors feel like cement. They way the sound of the men's voices echo the walls are probably cement too. The men before you stop and you're roughly pushed to your knees.
  "We got her boss!" Antonio sound so proud of himself you want to puke on his nice shoes.
  "Good, we just have to wait for our last guest to arrive before we start."
  You have no idea what the unknown voice is talking about but it obviously means more waiting.

  Sure enough you're forced to stay on you knees, sack over the head, for what feels like hours before you hear the door opening. Heavy footfalls clop there way over towards your little group.
  The boss speaks up, "You're late."
  "Sorry Boss, i was looking for someone and did not get your message right away."
  You blood freezes and you swallow hard. No way.
  "You were looking for someone? Your next mark?"
  "No sir, someone not work related."
  There's no doubt about it.
  "Ah i see, is it possible this is who you were looking for?"
  The bag is ripped from your head and you whip your head around to look at the new comer. When you see him any shred of hope you had is dashed. You voice cracks as you call out his name, "Ivan?"
dun dun duh plot twist

Russia: himaruya
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